How a regular cleaning schedule can reduce the need for reactive maintenance

Reactive maintenance is an integral part of running any business, unexpected repairs or equipment replacements can be expensive and take time. However, introducing a cleaning strategy will help keep the incidents requiring reactive maintenance to a minimum and save you time and money.

Sticking to a regular cleaning schedule, whilst helping your facility look clean, hygienic, and presentable for clients, is also a way to ensure that aspects of your business are kept running smoothly. For example, if dust builds up in your air vents, this can affect your air conditioning system, which can cause irreparable damage and lead to a breakdown. Regular cleaning of the vents will prevent this from happening.

Office carpets can also be easily over looked. Whilst a daily vacuum is, of course, beneficial, carpets need regular deep cleans to get rid of invisible and un-hygienic dirt. If your carpets are not regularly and sufficiently maintained they start to disintegrate, and will need to be replaced much sooner. A thorough and consistent maintenance plan for your carpets can extend the life of your carpet by 5 – 10 years!

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