Mental Health Awareness Week

Monday 13th – Sunday 19th May 2019

Nothing is more current than the open discussion and raising awareness of mental health problems, which in this day and age affect 20% of adolescents in any given year, with a staggering 50% of mental health problems being established by the age of 14 and an alarmingly higher 75% of issues recognised by the age of 24. With such high statistics emerging at young ages, more research and support is required to ensure appropriate assistance is put in place at a younger age.

This year, the Mental Health Foundation are raising awareness about Body Image, a topic that affects people at all ages. With positive guidance and support around subjects such as friendship, stress, loneliness and sleep, the Foundation aims to raise awareness and offer direction to people struggling with day to day life, around their body image.

There is not a better time to support such a worthy cause. Check out their website to see how you can get involved!

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