Cleaning has low profit margins

Although scary for many small businesses, especially in service sectors where profits margins are low and room for movement could mean the difference between “being in business and not being in business”, QCC continues to embrace the opportunity to improve their staff’s pay and therefore living standards.

Cambridge is the place to be?

Right now, the Cambridge area is an exciting place to be in; booming economically with many flocking to what is now recognised as the hub of science and technology. Houses cannot be built fast enough! Within all businesses, services will be required, whether it be cleaning teams, security, catering, but where will these people come from, where will they be living?

Financial survival of workers

Cambridge is an area that is significantly costly to live in, yet one of the most poorly paid regions in the UK. It has become increasingly difficult to attract, retain and motivate staff working in the lower income brackets, where basic financial survival in the area is becoming non feasible.

Increasing low income workers’ pay is essential

In my opinion, those Companies that are resistant to the National Living Wage, who have not planned realistically, or who have abused their staff by paying only the minimum wage will soon find themselves struggling to attract staff, thus failing to fulfill their service promises to their customers.  I am confident that with timely and realistic planning, open dialogue with our customers, and a continual drive to improve the business efficiencies to achieve savings, our business can continue to thrive and both fulfill the needs of its customers and sustain the lives of its workers.

Joanna Goode, Managing Director

Click on the link below to listen to Paul Heales, Chairman of QCC, who was live on Radio 5 on Wed 8th November 2017, discussing his views on the impact of the Minimum Living Wage

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