"Quality Care Cleaning have delivered a quality service to the University" S Matthews, University of Cambridge

COVID-19 Deep Cleaning

Following the outbreak of the COVID-19 virus QCC has made preparations to carry out essential COVID-19 Deep cleaning as per government guidelines.

Break down of service

Disinfection cleaning will be carried out using a approved chemical & following a process recommended by the government.

This will involve treatment to all surface areas, contact points or likely contaminated areas. A full specification including work scope and data sheet will be provided for your information.

How can I arrange ?

To arrange a deep clean please send an email to info@qualitycarecleaning.co.uk with your deep cleaning requirements.

Please be aware if a case of COVID-19 has been confirmed at the facility no cleaning can be carried out for 24 hours as per government guidelines.

Is this safe ?

Quality Care Cleaning takes safety of its staff and the general public very seriously and have taken the necessary precautions to carry out the work safety.

A full risk assessment, method statement & COSHH is in place. All staff will be provided with appropriate training, PPE and equipment.


Book now by emailing your requirements to info@qualitycarecleaning.co.ukĀ or call 01223 833300